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Introduction: The internet has created a seachange in the way we communicate and conduct social and commercial transactions. At the Internet Telephony Research Institute (ITRI), we focus on organizing the materials that are relevant to the Internet Telephony revolution. On our site, you will be able to find comments and links to the areas of technology, patents, regulatory and related litigation. The goal is to create a site where one can find relevant information on the net about these topics and post commentary on the subjects. The audience for this site will consist of certain participants in a research project to organize the relevant information about internet telephony. The fields of VoIP, IPTV, net neutrality, broadband, and related fields of patents and patent litigation, and regulatory changes will be the focus of this project.

Mission: The intersection of the law, technology, regulations and public policy have created new problems with the expansion of the internet. Internet communications have created special problems of understanding. The mission of the Internet Telephony Research Institute is to bring all these disparate factors together to attempt to accomplish an understanding of the significance of the convergence of the elements. A new understanding of the implications is needed to understand the impacts on privacy and the direction that the regulatory agencies and the carriers will be going.

Audience: The legal, technology, carrier and public policy communities will be interested in the subjects developed by ITRI.

Services: ITRI offers research services to investigate internet telephony and related technologies. We also offer licensing of intellectual property for patents and technology relating to Internet telephony and Internet communications methods, apparatuses and systems involving Voice-over-Internet protocol, Internet Protocol Television, Video, Peer to Peer traffic, traffic shaping, or deep packet inspection.
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